February 5, 2024

To The Patients of Wanda Clark:

With mixed emotions, we announce Wanda Clark’s retirement from our medical group. Throughout her tenure, Wanda has provided exceptional care and made a lasting impact on the lives of countless patients. While she retires, you may see her occasionally as a substitute for other medical professionals. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Wanda for her invaluable contributions and wish her the best in retirement.

As a medical group, we remain committed to delivering the best care to our patients. We invite you to continue your care with Christina Kimbrell, FNP-C. Christina is originally from the Texas Panhandle and has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for five years. In addition, she has more than twenty years of nursing experience.

To make your appointment, call us at 806-374-7341 or visit us at rhnmd.com and utilize our chat feature to learn more.

christina kimbrell

Christina Kimbrell, FNP-C