(In October of 2015 Joseph Dad started a Tobacco Cessation program after sitting in on a provider meeting and realizing that tobacco dependence has an impact on RHN’s top three chronic health concerns HTN,
Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia.)

In collaboration with Tobacco Free Amarillo, MD Anderson’s Taking Texas Tobacco Free, and the Mayo Clinic,  a program was created to provide evidenced based practices along with up-to-date methods to help people reach their goal of quitting tobacco for life. Tobacco Cessation Programs are offered every other month at Amarillo Martin Road.

The program has four classes; each one hour long to help every person build their own tobacco cessation plan. Everyone who completes the four classes is eligible to receive nicotine patches, gum, and/or lozenges at no cost for up to 3 to 6 months depending on their need. These classes are offered to the community so all who are interested in quitting tobacco are welcome to attend, no sign up necessary. “After completing the four classes we have bi-monthly follow up meetings for up to 6 months to provide refills on nicotine replacement products and to continue helping people maintain their quit,” said Dad.  He continues “Since the program started we have seen people who have been using tobacco for over 40 years quit for life and at times, we will have cessation alumni come into the classes and share their journey to becoming smoke free. So come and joins us and see people’s lives change for the better.”

Patient Quote: “I have attempted to quit using acupuncture, patches, and even hypnotherapy without success, however this program taught me how to plan for the bumps in the road and taught me how to plan for success.”

(Joseph Dad is a Behavioral Health Specialist that has worked in our Amarillo Martin Rd. clinic for over 3 years providing integrated health care. Joseph has a master’s degree in psychology and is currently working on becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.)