RHN’s Vision of “Changing Lives, Transforming Communities, One Person at a Time,” is rooted in the belief that nothing good happens without first having a solid foundation of “Good” people. With that in mind, I’m thinking about our theme for the year, “Building the Vision,” and am reminded that one of the foundational cornerstones on which we build that Vision is “Cultural Diversity.”

As I make my way around the busy corridors of RHN’s back-office exam areas I love to spend time just watching and listening; interesting people coming and going, complex conversations taking place that are well above my pay-grade, and I’m humbled. I’m humbled because I feel honoured that such a diverse team of Medical and Dental professionals have said yes to an opportunity to work with RHN.

South Korean, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Philippine, Israeli, Russian, Ukrainian, Jordanian, Vietnamese, Peruvian and Mexican-American; these amazing individuals, having lived and studied all over the world, offer each of us an
unparalleled glimpse into the rich cultural traditions of a world beyond West Texas.

If you’ve not read their bios, I encourage you to take a look at each of them on RHN’s new website, and like me, I’m sure you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of pride that RHN is truly a special place to call home.