It’s been said of West Texas, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, it’ll change. “Life is a bit the same. Most people are resistant to change because there is a level of comfort in what is known. The feelings of comfort come from a place of security. For example, when my family moved into a new home, we were all excited and happy about the new change; everyone that is but our cat. She was in unfamiliar territory and it wasn’t until she felt secure that she was able to experience a level of comfort. Humans react in a similar way when life moves us beyond what has become normal.

Security is a necessary part of our human needs. Science (see Abraham Maslow) tells us that when the basic need of safety is met, we feel comfortable enough to pursue greater endeavors in life. However, there is also an inherent danger that is found in that safe place. It’s called complacency. To be complacent is ‘to be satisfied with how things are.’ From personal experience, I have found that the more comfortable I allow myself to be, the less I grow. All great achievements were the result of change; and so were all the individual, personal successes. Sometimes we choose change and sometimes change is thrust upon us by life’s circumstances. Whatever the case, it’s important to realize that change really is the only constant.

Over the next several weeks, months and years, things will modify, adjust, and be altered in some form or fashion. If that makes you nervous, join the club. We all feel that way. The challenge that faces us is found in our response. Perhaps we can learn to embrace change and view it as an opportunity to grow and discover the best version of ourselves. Unlike my cat who is now so comfortable that she’s become unapologetically lazy.